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Re: Sharing some Pictures from Texas

 投稿者:QP  投稿日:2017年 3月 7日(火)10時24分39秒
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Hi Monte,

I'm QP, creator of this site. Yes, it's still active. Not very. I didn't update it because of my personal issue. I'm sorry for reply late. And thank you for your pictures.

I didn't get new information on cowboys because I didn't go to US recently. I'll appreciate you if you share your information with us.

I don't recommend you to type your e mail address here because you can get spam mails. I got your e mail address so you can delete the article or I can.

Real Western has a page in facebook.

> A few personal pictures From Texas, first picture taken in Texas panhandle, other taken in canyons where Comanche Indians held prisoners hundred years ago

> Is this site still active?  I am very active in cowboy lifestyle and interested in sharing stories with folks in other cultures.  I of course only speak Texican, however I am sure we can figure a way t communicate through the internet.  I live in Texas.  I have lots of photos and stories I can share.  I own horses, and am a member of a sherriff's posse.  Email me if you are interested in learning more or discussing things about Texas

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